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In this interview:

  • MoXi loans are made in US Dollars
  • We think balloon payments are ridiculous 
  • Rates are fixed, up to 25-years
  • Our competitors often have escalating rates or complications
  • You'll never worry about hidden fees, 100% transparency




Video Transcript - (Speaker: Alex Koper, CEO)

U.S. Citizens that look for financing to buy property in Mexico are often met with options that are less than ideal, very different than those that MoXi (Global Mortgage).

In fact, all of our loans are made in U.S. dollars. They're serviced in U.S. dollars. Our interest rates are fixed and we offer flexible term lengths of 15, 20, or 25 years. We have no balloon payments, no hidden fees, no nonsense.

The alternatives in this marketplace are loans not made in U.S. dollars that have an escalating payment or escalating interest rate, or other complicated issues such as developer financing with large balloon payments after three, four, or five years.

So imagine buying your dream home in Mexico and then consistently and constantly being nervous about this large balloon payment due in 36 months.

We don't like that, our clients don't like that, and so we don't operate that way. Let the MoXi team help you finance the dream of living in Mexico, contact us today

Did you know that MoXi funds & services loans in USD, is regulated and audited in the US & Mexico, and ensures compliance throughout the term of your loan? 

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...on both sides of the border. We're a fully regulated and audited financial institution in both Mexico and United States - backed by billions of dollars in capital.

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