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How Does MoXi (Global Mortgage) Differ From Other Financing Agencies in Mexico?

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Although the market gap that MoXi (Global Mortgage) was created to fill has narrowed, there is still only a short list of lenders that operate in the US/Mexican international markets. Even with only a small number of other lenders, MoXi manages to set its services apart by a significant margin of function and capability.


What are the Current Options?


Currently, there are not many options for US citizens to obtain financing or lending for Mexican real estate or similar property. There is MoXi (Global Mortgage), which can essentially act as a full-service lender and titling agency. There also exist a few private loan brokers that will broker or arrange loans with Mexican banks, helping some foreigners to deal with those institutions. There is also a single bank that does direct lending.


What Makes MoXi (Global Mortgage) Special in a Limited Market Space?


Firstly, there is the amount of due diligence that we do on behalf of our clients, to increase safety and security. That research and security include not only a title search but also title insurance, and we help facilitate the entire process.


MoXi (Global Mortgage) also requires a commercial appraisal to understand the core value of the property. Just as you wouldn’t generally buy any property in the US without an appraisal and title insurance, a good lender will require similar due diligence before origination.


Additionally, even though the loans are for Mexican property, they originated in US dollars, and they are serviced in US dollars by the loan servicing entity for MoXi (Global Mortgage). This makes it possible to report and deduct mortgage interest in the US, thanks to a treaty between the US and Mexico that eliminated double-taxation on real property.


Your Payments To MoXi Don’t Start Until After Closing


This may sound relatively normal, but with some of the other limited international lending solutions, such as loan brokers, this often isn’t the case. In some cases, you may start paying on your mortgage before the deal closes and you have keys in your hand. MoXi (Global Mortgage) eliminates this.


MoXi Is Regulated And Accountable


MoXi (Global Mortgage) is a licensed, regulated, and audited banking entity that is regulated by the Mexican banking commission. We are also accountable to several high-level regulatory agencies and are required to monitor the performance of the assets as long as they are held in the lien. This means we will be in constant contact regarding the asset during the full term of the mortgage.


MoXi (Global Mortgage) Loans Have a One-Pay System


This means that the sometimes-tedious process of settling your Mexican property taxes is completely handled by MoXi (Global Mortgage). The buyer simply remits their annual fiduciary fee, insurance premiums, and more in stages combined with their regular mortgage payments.


Our in-house team remits all needed payments on schedule, ensuring that all taxes and fees are up to date. This is incredibly important since failing to stay current on tax and fiduciary fees can result in collateral risk.


MoXi (Global Mortgage) makes the entire process of homeownership for US citizens in Latin America relatively simple. Contact us today for more information on how we can make property ownership in Mexico a reality.


Reach out to our team today and find out how MoXi can help you live the dream! 

Did you know that MoXi funds & services loans in USD, is regulated and audited in the US & Mexico, and ensures compliance throughout the term of your loan? 

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