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New Desalination Plant for Cabo to Solve Drinking Water Shortage

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Located at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula, Cabo is an extraordinary destination known for its beautiful beaches, luxury homes, townhomes, and high-end hotels. However, with such a population boom, water is constantly in short supply, and the situation is only getting worse.


Fortunately, a new desalination plant is currently under construction in Cabo San Lucas that is set to help solve the drinking water shortage in the region. Mexico's only desal plant project, the plant is being built by the local water utility, Oomsapas, in partnership with a Spanish firm. After a long delay, the construction of this project has now finally started, and the plant is expected to be operational soon. (Per bnamericas & Mexico News Daily) 


This new desalination plant will add a significant volume of fresh water to the Cabo's water supply system, benefitting 140 thousand inhabitants in the area. The project aims to pump 650 liters per second, and with added expansion, it will serve to even more people in the future. With a reliable source of fresh water, locals and tourists will no longer have to worry about water shortages and can enjoy their time in Cabo without any interruptions. (Per Gringo Gazette & Mexico News Daily)


This new desalination plant is a significant step towards ensuring Cabo's water security and preserving its environment. It is a win-win situation for tourists, locals, and the environment as a whole. This project is part of the government's ongoing efforts to boost infrastructure development in Los Cabos and address critical challenges facing the city. (Per Trip Advisor & Cabo Sun)


The new desalination plant in Cabo San Lucas will have a tremendous impact on the region's water supply, benefitting thousands of residents and tourists in the area. It will also help preserve the natural resources and environment in the region, ensuring a more sustainable future for Cabo. 


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