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Mexico Is The Financial & Lifestyle Upgrade That U.S. Citizens Need

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We all know how desirable property in Mexico is. Gorgeous beaches and sunsets, luxuriant landscapes, warm weather, friendly people, great food, and abundant cross-cultural attractions are plenty to draw property buyers to Mexico. But how smart is buying a property in Mexico?

Buyers find several pleasantly surprising reasons to bolster their confidence that Mexico is the right destination not just for fun and relaxation but also financially, as stewards of both a prudent and happy life.

Smart Finances

Currency exchange rates are one reason to buy in Mexico. The U.S. dollar is historically and currently strong relative to Mexico’s peso, meaning you get more property for your dollar. High demand, likely to persist, is another reason. Properties in Mexico have been hot for a while and look to remain so in the near and distant future, for reasons mentioned below. Property values should not only hold but appreciate. Low carrying costs, especially property taxes but also management, maintenance, and other labor charges, are other reasons to head south of the border.

Smart Lifestyle

We’ve all come to learn that lifestyle advantages should influence our financial decisions. Health, peace, pace, and longevity are valuable commodities, things in which we rightly invest our finances. Mexico’s climate, for instance, can readily support comfortable, outdoor-active, year-round living. Property in Mexico need not be Winter-seasonal. Imagine the value, both financially and from a health-and-lifestyle standpoint, of living year-round in a single highly desirable location--a literal vacation spot.

Smart Trend

Property buyers, Individually and in the aggregate, tend to discern and leverage trends. Note the accelerating flight of remote workers and retirees to Mexico. Those who are not quite retired are realizing the opportunity that pandemic-driven remote work presents. And the retired recognize that living in less dense and transient communities, providing greater access to alternative medical care, feels healthier and safer.

Buying in Mexico? Renewable six-month tourist visas and easy permanent residency, many English-speaking locals, modern highways, hospitals, airports, international schools, and high-speed internet are other significant pluses. Let Global Mortgage help you be both happy and smart, contact our team and explore your options – to make your dream move a reality.

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