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Securely Purchasing & Owning Property In Mexico

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In this interview:

  • Is buying property in Mexico as safe as in the U.S?
  • How to ensure a smooth & secure purchase
  • MoXi has spent millions of dollars developing our process
  • Examples of what to look out for when purchasing
  • What about interest tax write-offs? 



Video Transcript - (Speaker: Alex Koper, CEO)

A common question from U.S. Citizens who want to purchase property in Mexico: "Is buying property in Mexico as secure as it is in the United States?"

Answer: No, especially if you don't have a trusted partner. Example: We have clients that come to us and are looking to do a refinanced transaction on a property that they THINK that they bought a couple of years ago, and they wired hundreds of thousands of dollars... or millions of dollars, and they don't even actually own it. Insane, right?

There are scenarios like this that occur every single day. However, it can be similarly as secure as a U.S. home loan or refinance - if you work with us. We are going to ensure that you:

A) own your property securely.

B) that you're backed by an institution with billions of dollars of capital.

C) that you have passionate, hardworking professionals, not only during the origination process that you can lean on... but also, for the life of that loan. And even after you pay it off - we're here ensuring that the documentation is appropriately recorded.

That's a critical difference. It's really not as secure, there are not as many guardrails from a legislative perspective that govern mortgage origination, property purchases, and even real estate agents are often not regulated by something like the Department of Real Estate in the US.

So MoXi has a really important role as a partner to our clients, and our real estate partners in Mexico, to ensure that these transactions are carried out securely and that we offer as many advantages as we possibly can to US citizen clients that are purchasing property internationally. Some of those include ensuring that we have the ability to help clients pay property taxes on an ongoing basis. That certain items that are required to maintain a solid and secure lien and ownership interest in the property are paid on time and paid regularly. And that mortgage interest is reported in your home country so that you can potentially deduct it from your taxes.

There are many benefits here. We've spent millions of dollars and lots of years looking through all of those reasons, understanding the gaps in the market and leveraging our expertise and our team to fill those gaps. Acting as a trusted partner to our US citizen clients who are thinking about purchasing or refinancing property they've already purchased in Latin America.

I would just advise anyone that has questions about the security of purchasing a property, by all means, we have a lot of helpful content on our website, or reach out to us right away, we love talking about what we do and about some of the key differences that MoXi offers to our customers.

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Did you know that MoXi funds & services loans in USD, is regulated and audited in the US & Mexico, and ensures compliance throughout the term of your loan? 

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